COMING – Computer Engineering

For almost three decades, by using latest technology, we are developing, projecting and implementing economically justified and reliable information systems. These systems have positive impact on our clients business (production, telco, media, public and financial sector) through more than thousand reference projects.

For almost a full decade we are offering Cloud Computing services for a great number of users. Range of COMING cloud services is broad – from individual infrastructure services and platform to software solutions and services. With our services, that are proven to be flexible, reliable and safe, users have the option to outsource IT resources. Manageable COMING cloud services provide consultations and support of our experts at their disposal.

Full price of cloud services that we offer to our business users is significantly lower than the price that the user would have to pay to build their own IT infrastructure for the same sort of functions.

All solutions that we implement are available in COMING cloud as well. This allows you to use worldwide business applications that can be completely adjusted to your business, without any additional license and infrastructure expenses.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are highly reliable, economically justified and completely adjusted to customers needs.