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BI – Business Intelligence is a solution for business reporting and business decision support. Cloud form solutions are affordable for companies of any size and purchasing power. Allows you to create pre-generated, but also infinite number of on-demand reports through a simple user interface and relevant business data. It’s intuitive and web-oriented.

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About the solution

BI is an optimized reporting system that allows you to create very quickly and get various report variations, even though you have huge amounts of data. Thanks to cloud technologies, the BI solution is no longer reserved for large companies, but it is affordable for companies of any size and purchasing power.


BI solutions allow you to collect data from different sources, to consolidate, organize in logical reporting units and deliver to end users, in particular decision support decision makers.

The above process is called the ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) process and is the basis for building these solutions. Using special SQL server and database tools, this process takes place automatically at night when a datawarehouse is full. The process looks like this:

  • Data extraction – the program retrieves data from different data sources (one or more) such as NAV, Excel plan, some data from Txt file, etc.
  • Data transformation  through the tool, data is cleaned and sorted eg. it is possible that you have different codes in different sources and you need to consolidate it for more accurate reporting. It is also necessary to determine what will be used in case of “null” values ​​or exceptions.
  • Loading data in a special database called a data warehouse, data is loaded into prepared tables with a reporting structure.
  • Creating a cube – is a phase in which through these defined models, these data are prepared and classified into some logical units, for example, sales, procurement, finance, production, etc.
  • Consuming reports –through the web browser, excel, it is possible to access and analyze the prepared data. The reports you receive are sales analysis by sellers, profitability of buyers, company forecasts, etc.

The main feature of this system and cubes are well indexed data that allow for very fast analysis even if you have 100 million data. It’s important to note that you, as end users and managers, create reports and analyze business transactions yourself.


If we compare the variant of using the solution as a service in COMING cloud and installing solutions on your infrastructure, we come to the conclusion that the solution is several times more economical in the cloud, especially if you need fewer licenses. If you are a user of a large number of licenses, the solution delivered as a cloud service is at least a bit more cost-effective than the solution to your infrastructure.

In case of using your own infrastructure, you need to provide a server and storage infrastructure. Minimum memory requirements are 14GB. In addition to this, server domains, other infrastructure, system setup engineers, and the purchase of SQL servers are required. On the other hand, using the service in COMING cloud, you have redundant, secure and reliable infrastructure at your disposal. The cost of the service depends on the resources and the number of licenses in use that makes it predictable. There is no delay in work due to cancellation of equipment, as well as the need for the acquisition of infrastructure or taking care of purchasing licenses.

The total costs for a solution on their own infrastructure are never met with the costs of paying the service. Cloud has proven to be a more economical way of delivering. Our goal is to provide an optimum solution with a reasonable price for your business. If you are interested in this solution, we are ready to show you all the costs of implementing, maintaining and using the solution for your business.



How much is the BI solution complicated to use?

The final result of BI work is the desired report. Reports are created in an Excel document that is most commonly used in the business tool. So, very simple.

From which sources do BI draw data?

From any business application you use in business. It makes the most sense to implement BI over a business ERP solution.


To start using business solutions in COMING cloud, you need access devices (any devices you use in business – desktop, laptops, tablets, mobile devices …) and internet connections.

In agreement with you, we define the functionality of the solutions you want to have at the start, the required number of users and the capacity of the infrastructure so that we can show you the amount of monthly fee you would pay for the service.

We need consultations with you to define the cost of implementing a solution for your needs. For the consultation, fill out the form on the right.