Custom made applications

The dedicated application solutions include specific applications that you need for business, and do not exist in the market, or are inaccessible to you. Applications are used as a service in COMING cloud. Through more than 10 years of work with business applications, we have gained experience in working on different platforms and have introduced different integration models. This knowledge and experience is a guarantee that we will be able to meet your specific requirements.

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About the solution


If you have specific requirements for which there are no ready solutions or needs for the integration of different solutions, the COMING team is at your disposal. With the use of dedicated application solutions in the COMING cloud, use all the benefits of cloud technologies. The cost of equipment renewal, maintenance solutions, and service warranty become our concern.

The process of creating dedicated business applications includes:

  • Analysis – we listen to your requests and analyze needs and opportunities;
  • Design – we make suggestions for solutions based on reliable technologies;
  • Implementation – our team of engineers make a trial version of the application;
  • Test – we do the testing of the application according to your requirements;
  • Training – train your users;
  • Production – determine the start date and let the solution be produced;
  • Maintenance – we take care of the application, the system, preventively act and wait for your next requirements.


Custom functionality depends on your requirements. It is possible to create new modules on existing business solutions (ERP, CRM, ECM, ..) or integrate different solutions to meet specific business requirements. Our team has experience with the integration of Office 365 packages with other business applications, we have further integrated applications with devices and machines (scanners, truck scales …).


All applications, made on demand, in the COMING cloud are more economical than in the case you implement them in your data center. This economy is even higher if applications are less complex.



What is the guarantee that my data is secure if I use the cloud application?

The data is encrypted and practically impossible to intercept and read.

How is the cloud-based solution charged?

There are no investment costs, but you pay as much as you spend on a monthly basis.



To start using business solutions in COMING cloud, you need access devices (any devices you use in business – desktop, laptops, tablets, mobile devices …) and internet connection.

In agreement with you, we define the functionality of the solutions you want to have at the start, the required number of users and the capacity of the infrastructure so that we can show you the amount of monthly fee you would pay for the service.

We need consultations with you to define the cost of implementing a solution for your needs. For the consultation, fill out the form on the right.