Secure data exchange

The solution for secure business data exchange in COMING cloud allows you to securely exchange all types of content with other participants in the organization or with the environment.

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About the solution

Business content can be e-mail messages, files (documents) of all possible types, without limitation of size, as well as data from different application sources. Content exchange using this solution is cryptographically protected and additionally secured by using one-time passwords. In doing so, services are fully integrated into the user environment (Outlook client, S / FTP services, etc.).

The service itself consists of three key components:

  • Service for content exchange;
  • Additional security services;
  • Integration tools with your business applications (ERP systems, databases, etc.).

The service integrates into the active directory infrastructure (AD, LDAP) and allows the definition of policies that determine user rights in terms of access to protected content. The service can be completely in the COMING cloud, or, split into two segments: the DMZ in the cloud, and the service for document exchange in your internal network. Integration with additional security services prevents, for example, sending confidential content to users who are not entitled to it, checking the content for the presence of malicious code, and so on.


E-mail is a service without which any company today is unthinkable. However, the service in the basic form, as it is most often delivered, is not safe. Content can be intercepted, copied, altered and abused. COMING’s Secure Content Sharing Service allows all e-mail, or its most sensitive part, to be completely cryptographic-protected and unreadable to any unauthorized user. The solution is fully integrated into familiar tools (Outlook) and is extremely easy to use. In doing so, external users do not need to have any of the additional software but Internet browsers to receive or send mail. The amount of additional files (“Attachment”) is not limited to anything, which greatly facilitates communication and does not require any special tools to transfer large volume files.

DMZ in the cloud provides the user with a whole range of advantages over common solutions: In addition to secure e-mail sharing, the service allows the sharing and exchange of content by integration with standard services such as FTP and SFTP, managing and tracking (registering) all of the content exchange transactions, complete traceability.

For the complete protection of electronic document exchange between applications (own and other), there is a module for application integration – all exchanges are crypto-protected, which becomes illegible for unauthorized users.

Examples of usage are numerous:

  • Exchange of medical data;
  • Exchange of documents with insurance companies;
  • Exchange of documents (orders, statements, etc.) with banks;
  • Secure exchange of confidential technical and technological documents related to production.

The service integrates successfully with other cloud solutions if you own it (for example, Office 365, etc.).

The solution supports standards related to security: PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA and others


The solution owes its economy and productivity to seamless integration into your work environment – it turns the existing unsafe environment with minimal additional functions into completely safe. On the other hand, you do not need to invest in infrastructure and licenses, but you pay for the service according to the number of users each month. The number can vary both up and down, i.e. You pay only what you use. There is a guaranteed volume of content sharing, and additional flow is charged in the usual way as for all other services in the COMING cloud.

You can entrust all of the implementation, monitoring, and administration operations to COMING, which greatly reduces the burden and costs of your own IT resources. By deploying a secure content sharing service in the DMZ in the COMING cloud, additional savings and increased exchange security are achieved.



What kind of data does the solution apply to?

The solution enables secure exchange of any kind of data between applications in the network, with services on the Internet, with services in other networks, between user accounts and others. The most common solution is used primarily for secure communication via e-mail services, especially in companies that electronically send confidential user data.

What infrastructure is needed for the solution to be used?

Infrastructure for solution needs is relocated to COMING cloud, which, in addition to efficiency pricing, contributes to the reduction of the complexity of the change of infrastructure. COMING guarantees the reliability and comfortable operation of the solution.


The final form of solution for your business is negotiable. We need consultations with you to define the cost of implementing a
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