Skype for Business services in cloud

Skype for Business solution is a service aimed at unifying all of the company’s communications through one system.

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About the solution

Skype for Business is a Microsoft Unified Communications solution that provides end-users with a chat service, as well as audio and video communications. The solution is present on the market for a long time, first in the form of Office Communicator, then Lync Server, and in the latest version of Skype for Business Solutions.


The commissioning of employees within Skype for Business Solutions is realized through one system, integration with the accompanying Microsoft platform, such as Office, Exchange, Sharepoint and the possibility of establishing a federation with close companies, is ensured.


Reducing direct communication costs is one of the reasons why many companies decide to switch to unified communications systems. Using Skype for Business Solutions, complete communication between employees is free. The Skype for Business Service users are also provided with the possibility of federation with the companies they work closely with. The Federation of companies provides free communication of their employees.

By using Skype for Business Solutions, it is possible to achieve great savings in the costs of employees who are on business trips, because their calls are charged as local.

Companies that have implemented Skype for Business Solutions have recorded savings in business travel costs. Namely, with the application of this technology it is possible to establish high-quality video conferencing, so the need for business travel is significantly reduced.



Can I use Skype for business as a cloud solution?

Skype for Business, like other Microsoft services, can be rented in Coming Cloud on a monthly basis according to the number of active users. Depending on the needs of end users, multiple levels of licensing are available that include different function sets.

What does the equipment require for using Skype for business?

Using Skype for Business solutions does not require the use of additional access equipment. Users can use the Skype for Business application that is available in the Microsoft Office package. There are a lot of additional devices on the market, such as desktop phones, conference systems, advanced cameras, but Skype for Business platform is enough for Skype for Business applications.

What do I need to use Skype for business in COMING cloud?

Users who use Skype for Business in Coming Cloud do not need to use their own IT infrastructure for the needs of Skype for Business services. An Internet connection is sufficient to use them.


To start using business solutions in COMING cloud, you need access devices (any devices you use in business – desktop, laptops, tablets, mobile devices …) and internet connection.
In agreement with you, we define the functionality of the solutions you want to have at the start, the required number of users and the capacity of the infrastructure so that we can show you the amount of monthly fee you would pay for the service. We need consultations with you to define the cost of implementing a solution for your needs. For the consultation, fill out the form on the right.