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Security of mobile devices, applications and documents are the most important elements of the mobile device management strategy. Whether you use corporate or employee devices, employees can access corporate data, e-mails or internal web applications using mobile devices, which requires implementation of a strategy with strong security rules.

In 2003, AirWatch was launched on the market, aimed at increasing the safety of mobile devices. VMware has recognized the quality and usability value of AirWatch and joined it in 2014 in its portfolio, making it more accessible to our market.

Gartner placed AirWatch at the top of the software for controlling and managing mobile devices and recognized it as a leader in the Enterprise Mobility Management segment for 2015. The COMING MDM service involves the use of AirWatch software in the COMING cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to its functionalities and mechanisms of mobile device management, AirWatch has been used in various fields: schools, healthcare institutions, goods transportation companies, airlines, oil industry and others.


Access to AirWach can be limited to the defined list of selected devices, operating system or device model. A multiple user authentication check (domain credentials, PIN or certificate) can be used to access e-mail and corporate data. Restrictions that can be set refer to the functionality of the device (operating system setting, gps, camera, WiFi …), data, e-mails and access to Internet pages. In case of losing the device from the AirWatch console, by remote access, we can lock or delete data from the device (return the devices to the factory settings).

For the purposes of installation and usage control, the AirWatch application uses “white” and “black” lists. In the event that the list of device applications does not match the defined lists on the server, AirWatch can notify system administrators, device users, or delete the device. Access to corporate data can be disabled if the system administrator notices that the device does not meet the company’s security policy.

For the purposes of accessing corporate files (sherepoint and file server), AirWatch uses the Secure Content Locker (SCL) application. SCL represents a container in which files are synchronized with the server, which are protected by the FIPS-140 standard and 256-bit SSL scripting, access time restriction, and the ban on editing / printing documents.


Using AirWatch as a MDM solution in cloud is the use of Multi-Tenant architecture which reduces the cost of virtual machine resource lease. The need for frequent upgrades of AirWatch infrastructure is the advantage of the AirWatch installation over the On-Premise architecture (installation at the user’s location), which saves time needed by administrators to update the system to the latest available version.

In addition, in clods you can reach up to 99.99% of the availability of services that our team is concerned about. This significantly reduces the cost of maintaining business continuity as well as operating costs for the use, security and regular maintenance of the service.



What software is used to safely manage mobile devices in business?

AirWatch. This world-class solution is available as a solution in COMING cloud, making it affordable for companies of any size.

How much solution is difficult for administration?

Administration of the solution is very simple and is done through an intuitive user interface.



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