Custom DRaaS solutions

Disaster Recovery means a set of policies, procedures and technical solution that enables the recovery and continuation of the vital technological infrastructure necessary for the functioning of your business.

During many years of work with different companies, we realized that the specificity of each business is reflected in the specifics of the IT services it owns.
Sometimes certain services do not fit into a certain pattern, which makes the disaster recovery plan more complex. Often such services can be vital for the company and it is necessary to pay special attention when creating a plan for their recovery.

Coming – Computer Engineering has a team of experts with many years of experience in providing Disaster Recovery services. In cooperation with you, we can create a detailed and documented disaster recovery plan and assistance with its technical implementation, regardless of the complexity of the solution.

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Custom solution!

Create a solution that suits the needs of your business!

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30 days of work from the Cloud!

In the event of a catastrophic event, work for up to 30 days with your services relocated to Coming Cloud!

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In cooperation with you, we will create a plan that reduces the time required for recovery to a minimum!

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Define your RPO parameters to suit the needs of your business!

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ISO 27001

Coming – Computer Engineering guarantees you Security of personal data

(ISO 27001 certificate)

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4 tests a year!

Test the DR scenario up to 4 times a year!

About the solution

Disaster Recovery solution primarily involves moving a copy of your system data to a remote location. However, the disaster recovery process requires consideration of all services that are subject to recovery, their interconnections and the compromises that can be made in the event of a disaster.

These are complex solutions that primarily depend on the sensitivity of your business to catastrophic losses of business data due to the complete disabling of the IT infrastructure of your branch. We have experience in creating solutions that represent a combination of multiple technologies. Sometimes solutions are based on replication at the hardware or operating system level, and sometimes at the application level.

The realization of the solution is always based on RTO and RPO parameters. RTO is the optimal time for which it is necessary to return the system to operational condition, while RPO is an indicator that tells us to what point in the past we have to store data, and that the business can endure it. Based on these parameters, it is possible to form a plan that would be the basis for starting the service in case of disaster and that would include all the steps in case of recovery.

Coming Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions are the result not only of our modern infrastructure, but also of the high expertise of the Coming team that enables the construction of these complex systems.

Resources for up to 30 days are provided for the operation of your services on the Coming Cloud infrastructure. This means that in the event of a disaster, after activating the DR scenario, your most important services continue to operate in the Cloud location.

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