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Take full advantage of Kubernetes as a leading application platform through our Hosted Kubernetes service that automates the management of Kubernetes clusters on the Coming Cloud infrastructure. Using the vCloud portal, you can easily create a cluster, add or remove nodes, and upgrade to a new version of Kubernetes, thus focusing on what is most important at the end of the day – your applications.

Today, Kubernetes is the de facto standard for the development and execution of applications based on microservice architecture. It is a very powerful, but also complex platform, whose installation, scaling and updating you can now leave to our Hosted Kubernetes service. The technical solution is completely based on VMware cloud technologies and integrated with the vCloud portal, through which cluster creation and configuration operations are performed.

In this way, users can manage the complete cloud infrastructure through a unique graphical and API interface, and Kubernetes can take full advantage of the leading VMware enterprise cloud platform.

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Automate cluster creation, expansion, and update operations

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vCloud integration

Unique interface for managing the complete cloud infrastructure – cloud servers, Kubernetes clusters and network environment

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The new Kubernetes cluster is available within 30 minutes

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