Hybrid cloud

Cloud services tailored
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Hybrid cloud means a mixed computing environment, consisting of local infrastructure, private cloud services and public cloud services, with good coordination of different platforms. An appropriate and well-optimized hybrid cloud infrastructure takes advantage of the comparative advantages of each of these systems. It allows you to re-establish control over your processes, wherever they are located, to connect and integrate them in the right way as a natural extension of your infrastructure. This includes all the important advantages of the cloud: speed, flexibility, transparency (payment on demand and without hidden costs) and reliability – the ability to use certified services in multiple data centre locations.

The main value of cloud service lies in supporting the rapid digital transformation of business, and the main advantage of hybrid cloud is agility. Your company may (or should) combine public cloud, private cloud, and local resources to gain the agility it needs to do competitive business, and COMING – Computer Engineering is here to help you get the most out of your multicloud environment, in the best way.

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The best of both worlds

Hybrid cloud combines scalability, lower costs and reliability of public cloud services and security, greater degree of control and flexibility of the private cloud.

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Custom solution

Hybrid cloud offers the benefits of public and private cloud, and uses the capabilities of the existing infrastructure in the data centre.

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Creating a cloud strategy

The infrastructure development strategy is dealt with by a team with more than 10 years of experience and our cloud specialists will implement optimal solutions for each individual user, business, or project task.

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Full support

>ou can count on the help of our certified cloud specialists at any time, from choosing a platform for your specific needs, to solving technical and security problems.

The hybrid cloud shows its potential best in an environment with variable workload levels and in cases where it is necessary to separate critical work processes from those that are less sensitive.

Hybrid cloud enables a gradual transition to a cloud environment (at your own pace) and temporarily addressing the need for higher work capacities, providing a flexible IT organization of your business.

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